How to change the region SmartHub for Samsung F

How to change the region SmartHub for Samsung F

  • On the remote control of your TV click the button “Source” and select the “TV”;
  • Remote control to select the menu-system-settings ( in the absence of the last item ), enter 0000 and run the installation as the initial turn on your TV;
  • Continue setting up on the screen until the page appears Smart Hub Privacy Policy and Terms, which must be taken;
  • After that we press on the remote the following buttons in sequential order:
    MUTE_RETURN_VOL+_CH^_MUTE или rewind >> 2-8-9 rewind <<;

Next, a list of countries :

  • Select necessary to you country from the list and press Enter – after changing the region’s previous widgets will be removed and installed applications that country that you have chosen.

Change Region (activation) of the Hub, initially locked in the factory (eg, Polish TV series) – is only possible with changes in the region’s TV.

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