How do activate PVR record in Samsung SmartTV K

How do activate PVR record in SmartTV K

Enable PVR and enable Record

  • When TV power off state:
  • Tach on keys INFO-MENU-MUTE-POWER. – you have the Service Menu TV
  • Tach key FACTORY 3SPEED – you enabled extended Service Menu
  • Theri`is a Sub Option select it and arrow -> (arrow -> like enter or use key ok and Return to return)
  • Select Pvr Support and
  • Set Enable it
  • You can select and press item Factory reset
  • You TV will start initial setting
  • Select type Antenatype – Satellite
  • Next select Next
  • Start “Plug and Play”
  • Next select  List transmission and enter you pin.
  • Import from USB
  • Next after TV-Reception (Sattellite)
  • Press record key
  • Select you the USB HDD and format it
  • Done
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