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Samsung Service Remote Control Smart TV  Android S

Samsung Service Remote Control  Smart TV  Android S This  application work without internal infrared adapter. With  “Samsung Service Remote Control” (Service Remote Control) you may: Change Region  Samsung Smart TV or any Samsung TV; Change Language; Do any advanced setup For safe your time you  can to use application for Android devices: This app will work with any… Read more »

SmartTV Service Remote Control IOS

SmartTV Service Remote Control for iPhone and iPad Using  “Samsung Service Remote Control” you can: change region samsung smart TV or just TV; change languages; change many advanced options You can saving time when will use application for ios: App Store: SmartTV Service Remote Control It application will work with  any TV Samsung or SmartTV  и completely replace the service remote control. This version  work with external infrared blaster. You can buy… Read more »

SmartTV Service Remote Control

SmartTV Service Remote Control

Using the SmartTV service remote control “Samsung Service Remote Control” you can: change region of the TV; change location; to make necessary settings You can use the program for android SmartTV Service Remote Control This version is suitable for your Samsung TV and completely replaces the service remote control. Current version requires IR “blaster”. Work of… Read more »