Change Smart Hub region on Samsung Smart TV E/F/J/H

Change Smart Hub region on Samsung Smart TV E, F,J,H series

in the service menu (SM)

Change language TV

    • When TV have off state you can press in series key: INFO MENU MUTE POWER – and TV on and open the service menu.
    • Select only arrow up and down OPTION-click Input
    • after you can switchin – LOCAL SET, for example, CIS_RUSIA instead of EU.
If the string LOCAL SET в СМ inactive (it mind Samsung closed the possibility in a firmware),so we will activate this item in menu
To do this, press the “FACTORY 3SPEED” in aplication, TV screen will react and can blink. This will activate the extended Service Menu.

  • If you use extended Service Menu you will use item menu OptionMRT_Option.
  • If LOCAL SET item active – edit it, if not turn off the TV and go into the service menu again (INFO MENU MUTE POWER) – LOCAL SET will be active.
  • If you dont`t have LOCAL SET you can change other settings: Region ( example  PANEURO ), WIFI_REGION(R – Russia, Q- Ukraine, A- Asia, E- Europe, etc.), Language_Arabic ( example CIS) PnPLanguage (example Rus), Num of DTV DECODER(type T or T2),  Num of SCART – 1(if need),
  • Num of PVR RECORDER – 1(record if PVR exist), PVR Support – ON, CI Support – ON, LNA Support – ON(analog amplifier).
  • You can use hardware service remote control or a special tool Service Remote Control.
  • Back to main menu – RETURN (The Spit of left and right – change settings value)
  • Exiting  SМ – simply turn the TV off – before it is recommended to reset the system settings to default – by pressing Factory Reset.
  • Ready, you changed LOCAL_SET TV. Now the TV no blocking SmartHub at you location, and you can change region SmartHub
  • (You can change the EU/ EU_ITALY/ EU_GER/ EU_FRANCE/ EU_BENELUX/ EU_SPAIN/ EU_UK/ CIS_CA_MS/ NORDIC/ CIS_RUSSIA/ CIS_UKR/ EU_TURKEY) Change region smart hub Change region smart hub

    • Turn on the TV go MENU-SYSTEM-LANGUAGE choose from the list Russian (or в SМ at once set the menu language in Control – Sub option-PnPLanguage change EU to RUS).
    • Next, be sure to return to the SМ and switch on RS-232 Jack – Debug и Watchdog – Of – This will enable the service port and TV timer errors at critical values, reboot the system.
    Change region smarthab

    • When the TV is in TV mode, press the quick succession press INFO FACTORY  If the menu is not displayed – repeat;
    • In Оptions change LocalSet EU to , for example, CIS_RUSSIAN
    • If you need to change or to add the missing language menu, go Control – Sub option – language and changes to the one that is needed.
    • Exit from menu FACTORY FACTORY
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