Change Smart Hub region on Samsung Smart TV E/F/J/H

Change Smart Hub region on Samsung Smart TV E, F,J,H series

in the service menu (SM)

Change language TV

    • When TV have off state you can press in series key: INFO MENU MUTE POWER – and TV on and open the service menu.
    • Select only arrow up and down OPTION-click Input
    • after you can switchin – LOCAL SET, for example, CIS_RUSIA instead of EU.
If the string LOCAL SET в СМ inactive (it mind Samsung closed the possibility in a firmware),so we will activate this item in menu
To do this, press the “FACTORY 3SPEED” in aplication, TV screen will react and can blink. This will activate the extended Service Menu.

  • If you use extended Service Menu you will use item menu OptionMRT_Option.
  • If LOCAL SET item active – edit it, if not turn off the TV and go into the service menu again (INFO MENU MUTE POWER) – LOCAL SET will be active.
  • If you dont`t have LOCAL SET you can change other settings: Region ( example  PANEURO ), WIFI_REGION(R – Russia, Q- Ukraine, A- Asia, E- Europe, etc.), Language_Arabic ( example CIS) PnPLanguage (example Rus), Num of DTV DECODER(type T or T2),  Num of SCART – 1(if need),
  • Num of PVR RECORDER – 1(record if PVR exist), PVR Support – ON, CI Support – ON, LNA Support – ON(analog amplifier).
  • You can use hardware service remote control or a special tool Service Remote Control.
  • Back to main menu – RETURN (The Spit of left and right – change settings value)
  • Exiting  SМ – simply turn the TV off – before it is recommended to reset the system settings to default – by pressing Factory Reset.
  • Ready, you changed LOCAL_SET TV. Now the TV no blocking SmartHub at you location, and you can change region SmartHub
  • (You can change the EU/ EU_ITALY/ EU_GER/ EU_FRANCE/ EU_BENELUX/ EU_SPAIN/ EU_UK/ CIS_CA_MS/ NORDIC/ CIS_RUSSIA/ CIS_UKR/ EU_TURKEY) Change region smart hub Change region smart hub

    • Turn on the TV go MENU-SYSTEM-LANGUAGE choose from the list Russian (or в SМ at once set the menu language in Control – Sub option-PnPLanguage change EU to RUS).
    • Next, be sure to return to the SМ and switch on RS-232 Jack – Debug и Watchdog – Of – This will enable the service port and TV timer errors at critical values, reboot the system.
    Change region smarthab

    • When the TV is in TV mode, press the quick succession press INFO FACTORY  If the menu is not displayed – repeat;
    • In Оptions change LocalSet EU to , for example, CIS_RUSSIAN
    • If you need to change or to add the missing language menu, go Control – Sub option – language and changes to the one that is needed.
    • Exit from menu FACTORY FACTORY
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    SmartTV Service Remote Control

    Using the SmartTV service remote control “Samsung Service Remote Control” you can:

    • change region of the TV;
    • change location;
    • to make necessary settings

    You can use the program for android SmartTV Service Remote Control

    Samsung Smart TV Service Remote Control

    Samsung Smart TV Service Remote Control

    This version is suitable for your Samsung TV and completely replaces the service remote control.
    Current version requires IR “blaster”.
    Work of available on phones with android 4.2 and above.

    Be attentive when working with the settings, illiterate use of may damage the TV !

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